Corporate Profile


Location 【Head Quarter】
568-1-1, Innai-cho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba pref, 273-0025
TEL:+81 47-495-9070 / FAX::+81 47-495-8809

【Engineering Division】
1-2-5-101, Niigara cho, Kitakami-shi, Iwate pref, 024-0092
TEL:+81 197-72-5652 / FAX:+81 197-72-5653

【Osaka Sales Office】
Shin-Osaka Hikari Building Room 606, 1-20-19 Higashinakajima, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 533-0033
TEL:+81 47-495-9070 / FAX:+81 47-495-8809

Executive Tsutomu Kojima (President)
Establishment April, 1st 2002,
Capital 33 Million JP Yen
Bank Chiba Bank (Funabashi Branch)
Chiba Kogyo Bank (Funabashi Branch)
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (Funabashi Branch)
Business Import and Sell Imaging Equipment and Software- Industrial Area Sensor Camera, Line Sensor Camera- Imaging Interface Board, Software

– Imaging System Manufacturing

– Bio

-Technology Equipment

– Laser Equipment

History 2002.4;Established ADScience Technologies2004.02;Award of Best Venture Company from Nikkan Industrial News Paper and Chiba Kogyo Bank2005.03;Capital Increased (33 Million Yen)

2005.05; Chromosome specimen making System “HANABI”

2005.10;Changed Corporate Name into “ADSTEC Corporation”

2006.05;Associated company AproLink Corporation established

2008.01;Award of Best Venture Company from Chiba pref.

2008.06;Associated company FineSensing Corporation established

2009.04;Set up Kitakami office located in Iwate pref.

2011.05;Moved the office at the current address

2013.12;Received Encouragement Award at the 19th Chiba Genki Ink Company Awards

2015.12;Established ADS Biotec, Inc. Omaha, NE USA

2016.11;Established ADS Biotec, Ltd. Glasgow UK

2017.05;Established Osaka Sales Office

2020.09;Moved Osaka sales office due to business expansion


A healthy and continuous company

Business philosophy ◇We will flexibly respond to changes in line with the demands of the times and carry out our business with sincerity, conviction, and courage.
◇We will provide our customers with the latest technical information with a sense of security after understanding the world’s most advanced technologies.
◇Product development and manufacturing are unique, and the first priority is to create products that can contribute to our customers.
Since its establishment in 2002, ADSTEC Co., Ltd. has been thoroughly customer-oriented and has accumulated achievements in the two businesses of importing and selling image-related equipment and engineering and developing and manufacturing gene-related equipment. We are proud that we have expanded our business network to Japan and overseas in this rapidly evolving field, and have established a system that responds to customer requests in detail and speedily. In these two fields, we want to be a group of specialists who can support the project including proposals from customers, and we strive to improve our “human power” by focusing not only on technical skills but also on staff education. We are doing it. Going forward, we will continue to identify the trends of the times and provide, develop, and manufacture products that truly match the needs of our customers.